Coming into a martial arts academy can be intimidating for the beginning student. So to make it a bit less overwhelming, we offer a fundamentals course. This is to allow our new students to learn jiu-jitsu by focusing on the fundamental movements and the controlled drilling of techniques without active sparring. The course serves as a foundation for all students of BJJ, teaching the principles of the art and committing these core movements to muscle memory. Once the student has developed these skills they join in to the BJJ class. The BJJ class begins with the warm up drills of our fundamental techniques, then we break down the concepts and technical aspects of a new position before we live drill it with the emphasis on perfecting the movements and understanding why the technique works. Class is then closed out with rounds of live sparring(rolling). 



The kids BJJ class is a super fun but still very structured class split in to two age groups.  TERRAS Class, for kids aged between 7-11yrs.  LUTAS Class, for kids aged between 12-16yrs.  The kids curriculum empowers it students with anti-bullying techniques. They will learn BJJ self-defense techniques that are hidden in games and drills that are both engaging and fun.  

Having a safe and systematic foundation of self-defense is key for children to feel confident, specifically about defending themselves, if necessary. Since it is completely based in leverage and submission, BJJ technique actually gives the smaller opponent an advantage. There is no kicking or punching involved, unlike many other martial artsBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses the principles of action – reaction, leverage, and base. Children learn to use an opponent’s power as an advantage, rather than fighting against the force. We practice many different games that help children experience these principles and learn to understand how to use them as techniques. 

Training in this hands on environment your child will learn teamwork, respect, self-confidence, self-discipline, strength, mobility, balance and motor skills. They will enjoy positive social interaction that will make them smile, laugh and have fun.

This is a small group class of only 6-10 students maximum. Keeping the class low in numbers enables a much more controlled and hands on training environment but it also means that the class fills up very fast. Due to the small class size this often means their can be a bit of a waiting period to get your child enrolled. As our academy grows so will the frequency of these classes. 




These early morning classes are for the BJJ competition team. Inspired by how the old time stongman would train. They understood that strength was a skill and mobility was key to being a well rounded athlete. 

We first learn and drill the fundamental human movements. Once these movements are ingrained we enter the Kettlebell. This is our main tool to load up the movements and build functional strength and mobility. Training in this way enables the student to progress intelligently and apply this new found functional strength to any other physical activity.